Transform Your Home With Modern Farmhouse Style

The internet is full of articles and suggestions to help you transform your current farmhouse décor into a modern one. This is the trend that is doing wonders all around the world.

Modern farmhouse styles, in fact,  were non-existent before 2015, but have since become a rising trend in the market. It is an area to which people are showing a considerable amount of interest, and hence are inviting a lot of competition and exploration options for others. Chip and Joanna Gains of Fixer Upper are the pioneers of this transformation, and uncountable people have been following in their footsteps in renovating their homes to make it look more attractive.

The article below carries all the information you require to take your step towards turning your house into a more modern version of how it is right now. Naturally, not everyone will be able to or require to follow all of the renovation ideas at once. So, you can always pick and choose what fits you the best and work your way accordingly.

How do you describe a modern farmhouse?

It is typical for a modern farmhouse to have an extensive floor plan. It is often open enough to provide vast room for the furniture and increase the flow of light through each room that conjoins. It gives your home a sanctuary feel and helps you let go of the stress that you acquire from undergoing everyday tasks.

It is also common for modern farmhouses to have doors that are similar to a barn, and a wood flooring made up of wider planks.

Modern Farmhouse style colors

Farmhouse Style Colors

Colors play a vital role in your house. They are not only your first step towards beautification but are capable of filling a room with their energy traits.

Farmhouses typically carry warmer and natural shades. With similar staples, you can create an environment that is  cosier, relaxing, and inviting in nature. Hence, neutral colors should always be your first choice when doing your home renovations to achieve a modern theme.

Natural Colors that may be found on a farm are the color schemes to follow.

What design elements should you consider?

It is always beneficial to avoid making any changes that will take you over the top. You can start with simple renovations such as more visible lines, warmer woods, and materials with a touch of black accent.

Lights are another factor that plays a critical role in the overall look and feel of your house. There are a lot of options for you to place the lights that you choose. However, it is essential to remember that the strategic placement of these lights is critical. Otherwise, they will not fulfill their purpose. Below given are some options for your consideration:

Farmhouse Style Pendant Light
  • Harper 25-inch pendant light is a fantastic choice for your living room. It consists of hand-forged iron and is available in different configurations. It is painted with driftwood accents and bandings and hardware of Florence gold.
Farmhouse 4 Light Pendant
  • Wickenberg 4 Light Pendant Light is another option that you can consider. It is a fine-drawn bell-shaped design with an open cage. The shape is made of black iron finish and is a perfect fit for the kitchen. 
  • Duluth 4 Light Square Chandelier fits best in the dining area. It is a farmhouse design that is light in weight and it is made up of wrought iron and carries hand-painted accents of hardwood with a Satin Bronze finish.
Farmhouse White Chandelier
  • Acadia 6 Light Chandelier is another option for a dining area. Featuring a distress white finish and constructed in steel. The authentic Gmelina wood beaded accents truly set this apart and can also play into other styled homes well.

All of these options work perfectly with a Farmhouse Styled home.

In addition to the lights, your hardware choices also play an essential role in the overall renovation. While there are a lot of options for you to choose from, the hardware of Black Iron has been gaining popularity in recent times.

Black Iron Hardware

Black iron hardware is one of the best options to consider at the time of renovation. You can use it for internal doors such as your cupboards or cabinets, or as a doorknob for your external door restoration.

It has high levels of durability and is easily manageable.

It is a piece of hardware that often carries a natural look, and easily matches different styles of furniture such as vintage. Since both black irons weigh similar to old equipment, it easily complements and adds to the authenticity of the décor you use it in.

You should always consider choosing your hardware according to the overall furniture styles. Some furniture, such as mahogany, will require more extensive and older designs of doorknobs. This way, you will be able to achieve perfect synergy between your furniture and your hardware.

Modern Farmhouse style kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen

In a farmhouse, the kitchen is often the area where everyone would meet and eat. It is best to select backsplashes of solid materials. Traditionally a farmhouse style would keep open shelving to help you in showcasing your collectibles however, in the Modern Trend, we are seeing very clean and open spaces with very little showcased.

Modern Farmhouse style house décor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Many interior design experts refrain from including unnecessary decoration items in your house. It only increases the clutter and is in no way going to help you improve the overall look and feel of your home. Especially in today’s modern looks and styles.

One way to work around using the old material through modern farmhouse style is by introducing hand-painted wood accents to your house. It is common for homeowners to come across unwanted furniture at the time of renovations. You can hand paint those items and use them to increase the overall décor of your house.

Old and distressed chests are a classic example of this situation. You can paint a chest and use it to increase the overall décor value of your house. It is essential to keep your décor accessible, casual, and comfortable, to be able to give your house that modern farmhouse feel. 

How can I incorporate the design throughout my house?

Incorporating the changes throughout the house can be a tedious task. However, when it comes to pairing your current design with a modern farmhouse style, things are not so difficult after all.

You can start by adding texture and warmth by using woods of warmer tones and pillows or throws of natural fiber. You must let go of anything such as cluttering accessories that may overpower the overall feel of your house and maintain a more apparent space throughout.


Changing the overall look and feel of your house can be a daunting task. It can take you a long time to plan and even longer to execute these changes. However, if you take things to step by step, you can always achieve what feels impossible otherwise.

So take our guide on modern farmhouse style for your home as an inspiration. The ideas and tips in this article are the basics of creating a modern yet farmhouse type space that looks equal parts cozy,  modern, and welcoming.

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