The hues, colors and minimalistic combination Mid-Century Modern design is so cool that it will never fade away and will always be trending. The spacious look of a room, the bright color combination and pendant lights add to the aesthetics. But what does mid-century modern design means?

To help you understand this trendy and amazing fusion of colors, we have set out a list of things that will help you understand everything regarding the mid-century modern design. After this, you will be able to know why the mid-century modern design is adored by many around the world and how to make the best understanding of it with ease, let’s find out here.

History of the Mid-Century Modern Design

The exact time of inception of the mid-century modern design is still a mystery but the tones are the combination and reflection of 20th-century middle era optimism, earthiness, and textures neatly wrapped up in a stylish ode to minimalism.

Mid-century Modern design’s light texture of the walls, beautiful pendant lights, simple and stylish wooden colorful furniture, and brightly colored settings are the aesthetics. Moreover, you will find that every object is highlighted keeping its originality and simplicity which adds to the beauty of everything that is placed in a room. The pendant lights fill the emptiness of your ceiling and give a transitional effect in your rooms. Lighting design is the key to consider when it comes to mid-century modern design. The design will give you a feeling of happiness and vastness that you have never felt before.

Mid-century modern interior ended the era of detailing and subtle features of the classical designs. Moreover, Mid-century modern homes are the best option for small rooms and houses. It gives life to your house even with the simplicity of the change.

Further, Mid-century modern designs are not very expensive as compared to classical design but are supremely eye-catching and perfect. Hence, there are no strict rules to follow like in conventional designing as you just need the aesthetic sense, and it works like magic in your house.

The Creation of Mid-Century Modern style

Mid-century modern design is quite simple. If you are lucky enough to already have some simple wooden furniture of mid-century in your home that would be perfect in reducing the cost of having to purchase.  The mid-century modern design keeps things simple and to their authenticity.

Modern Hanging Light with Adjustable arms

You should streamline the natural elements into the mid-century modern design. Exposed beams, wooden panels, and untouched brick walls will add to the mid-century modern style. Simple painting and abstracts are good to go. You do not need vibrant or chaotic paintings. 

Pendant lights are the key to the transitional effects in your room. So, simply by adding pendant lights with a lighting design that can be dark or metallic, from sidewalls or the ceiling will change the whole impression of the room. The Last thing to keep in mind is to keep the design a bit unpretentious, casual and relaxed.

Our recommendation: Don’t go overboard because the true beauty of the mid-century modern design is simplicity.

Mid-Century Modern Colors

In mid-century modern design, we have bright hues. Moreover, we prefer natural woods, greens, oranges, and earthy tones for the rest. If you do not have an original mid-century modern house, no problem, you can work the style into your home by simply making your color-scheme in accordance with the natural earthy tones and that will be a good start.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Light

Think colors like burnt sage, orange, and rust for a mid-century modern living room, while every other room allows for a more playful take on hues including sunny yellow, bright orange, and primary colors, just don’t oversaturate with vibrant color. Also, modern hanging lights will boost up the hues of your room with their soft glow. 

Furniture Styles

Mid-century modern design is all about clean lines, lucidity, and practicality. Think new to era materials like plastic, acrylic glass, and Formica when considering furniture materials.

Iconic Egg Chair

Also, you can consider things like hairpin legs, low seating, plastic shell chairs, and matte finishes as they are best for the mid-century modern design. The spotlight effect on your furniture will enhance the grace and will look soothing to the eyes. Luckily, we have a wide range of lighting designs that are designed aesthetically for the purpose.


Find unique-accessories and look for a rare, one-of-a-kind finds that are sure to bring your mid-century modern house fantasies to life. For a mid-century modern living room, source decorative extras, vases with naive patterns, sculptures in varying sizes, wall hangings with pendant lighting that will give a jolt of eye-catching color.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchens

Modern Island Light

The kitchen can be one of the most challenging rooms to complete with an authentic hand. To create an up to date mid-century modern kitchen that is practical, think of ways to add bright pops of color, small vintage appliances, and decoratives all over the kitchen. For a mid-century modern design kitchen, go for either high-shine or matte finishes.


Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce

The best of mid-century modern interior design is all about integration of classics and modern, you should be able to create a perfectly viable mid-century modern bedroom with confidence and ease. The trick is to stick with simple lines and muted tones that play on texture. Moreover, go for extras like the oversized chair and multi-arm floor lamp with wall sconces on the sidewalls.

Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

The living room is the main living area for a mid-century modern home interior design. This is because these are often the largest rooms in a house and work as conversation areas to showcase a rich collection of furnishings. A mid-century modern living room focuses on spaciousness, lights, harmony and casual integration. The pendant light, lighting design on sidewalls and the center of the ceiling will majorly play the role at the top. Many shadows that are cast from the light source are works of art to the walls and ceiling.

here is no doubt that Mid-Century Modern style is an affordable option to make your space stunning and appear more spacious. We offer supreme quality lighting design for your mid-century modern style home. Our unique and state of the art pendant lights will give your home a new look with minimal changes. Visit our product page containing a wide range of products by style and find out what is most suitable for you and your home.

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