About DWK

Kalco Lighting has been crafting, designing and thinking about illumination for almost 40 years. Our legacy as “Masters of Light” has given us a deep understanding of what inspires people. Timeless design. Authentic materials. Pride in craftsmanship. A human approach to technology. These are the qualities that define our brand.

To this day, the Kalco name is synonymous with livability and comfort. Our handcrafted collections are infused with the spark of familiarity—whether it’s from the materials we thoughtfully source, the diverse styles we intentionally embrace or the sustainable lighting solutions we conscientiously develop to lessen our environmental footprint. This spirit of eclecticism, which threads through all of our lighting collections, allows us to capture each client’s personality and craft unique products for today’s homes. It’s the reason why our closely held company has been able to serve such a globally diverse community of designers, architects, decorators and people who want to feel an emotional connection to the objects they place in their homes. We are like family, partners and listeners. Because we view our products as direct lines to our clients, we are able to create real lighting experiences for real people and how they live today. From the moment a chandelier brightens a space to the moment a designer’s custom vision becomes a reality, Kalco Lighting’s enduring presence is not just seen but felt

We believe that…

Good design transcends time. We are not bound by trends, nor defined by any one particular style. Rather, we draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including the eternal beauty of nature, art, travel, lasting materials and in some cases, our very own clients. We extract and rework classical forms and ideas that have a long history in design, sometimes isolating the simplest details — like the shape of a globe, the traditional hurricane or even Thomas Edison’s original filament bulb itself — to create a new interpretation of contemporary lighting. Our passion for timeless style allows us to defy traditional categorizations. We can be at once Classical, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Coastal, Contemporary or Hollywood Glamour. We view the most interesting elements of each style through the lens of livability and fuse it with the principles of technical innovation to give our lighting collections a sense of never-seen-before energy. We call this idea of illumination—which allows us to be familiar and enduring yet emotionally moving —”Fresh, timeless, and always livable.”

Materials should be real and enduring. Our desire to create inspiring lighting has led us on a path to source authentic materials that stand the test of time. That is why our specialists select only the finest iron and stainless steel, glass, textiles and other natural materials from a trusted group of global suppliers. We look not just for beauty but enduring quality, often seeking out new or uncommon resources to discover the next exceptional element to inspire future designs.

Artistry and craftsmanship must be balanced with sustainability. From state-of-the-art facilities, our masters painstakingly craft, bend, forge and weld raw materials into final “works of art.” With both technical precision and creative vision, our craftsmen touch each individual Kalco Lighting piece, giving it an artisan quality. While beauty remains one of our utmost objectives, we are also keenly focused on modern-day functionality and integrating the latest in energy- efficiency technology into our products. After all, if we want our products to endure, they must also be sustainable. 

“Service” means enhancing our client’s lives. Our company thrives when our clients thrive in their lives. For that reason, we take great pride in our ability to be present for our clients and deliver a superior experience that extends well beyond the products we create. Whether a homeowner wishes to adapt an existing design in a new finish, or designer wants to create a customized piece from their own vision, Kalco Lighting is dedicated to being a true partner for our clients.

Our intention is to bring lighting to life!

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